What We Do


What brings an Object to life?

What defines the emotional bond to an Object?


Uncovering consumer trends and expectations leads to designing a lasting, holistic experience. An experience that starts with brand perception and continues through the quality of the product offering. At the end of the day, the Object becomes your brand communication. Differentiation through design is the determining factor for market success and consumer confidence.


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Innovation Brainstorm

Design is best solved by creative minds working closely with engineering diligence. Having multiple sessions of brainstorming and capturing layers of ideas until the walls are coated by them, helps us to see successful strategies for a client's challenge.

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Concept Generation

Intuitive design solutions are created from setting constraints and finding paths that are simple and unique. With clear options in front of you, our clients efficiently engage with purposeful directions. Intelligent, human-centered concepts that stay on budget.

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Product Visualization

Bringing a concept to life is done by developing CAD that refines aesthetic details while adhering to manufacturing processes. This definition allows for an exploration of materials and finishes in photo-realistic renders to fully explain the product idea.

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Prototyping and Verification

After utilizing our design expertise in surfacing and solid modeling, nothing displays the form and validates an idea better than a physical object. Through rapid prototyping, our clients can effectively showcase a design solution in a tangible form.